Brand New Limited Edition Lucky Gi Coming Soon!

This will be the last one of the year.  Its by far our most creative endeavor so far.

Not a remake or just a new color but a brand new gi model.

Jump on the Lucky Gi VIP list >> CLICK HERE


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Jeff Glover Signature Lucky Gi Goes On Sale Nov 5th

Jump on Jeff’s Personal Lucky Gi VIP List Now

> Click Here For the VIP List.

The Gi You Always Dreamed Of!
The Perfect Fit! Instant Comfort! A Lifetime of Durability!

Limited edition only 130 Gis available you have to be on the list to get the gi.

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Lucky Gi is finally releasing a NEW Hemp BJJ Gi.

The past month the Hemp Lucky Gi has been tested and has passed with flying colors.

Let me say this….The specs are incredible, The Gi is durable, feels like a dream, and man oh man, the design is to die for (when you see it you will understand what I mean).

To join our VIP list click here: >>

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Lucky Gis Sold Out!

Join the Lucky Gi VIP List to be notified of the next Lucky Gi Model Drop!

Due to the very high demand for new Lucky Gis.  We have created and advanced noticed VIP list.  You may join the VIP List >> CLICK HERE

Our last gi release sold out in just 3 days.  Because of the limited quantity periodically we have to close down the VIP list.   Please check back if the link is no longer work we will open the list again soon.

To check current stock in limited sizes please >> Click Here

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In Search of the New Bamboo BJJ Gi From Lucky Gis?

New Bamboo Jiu Jistu Gis Are Here!

We got the new gis in and the pre orders are being shipped out already.  We got just over 300 Bamboo Gis in.  About half of them were pre sold.

The other half we are offering to our VIP Club Members first.

The remaining gis will be posted in our shopping cart for purchase.

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20% Off Lucky Gi Sale For Worlds 2013

Rafael Lovato THE BEST American Jiu Jitsu player to ever walk the Earth is looking for Another World Title.  

Lovato is just off another epic win! He is the first Non-Brazilian to will the Brazilian National Tournament in the Absolute Division.  And, He won by submission!

Rafael is our oldest sponsored athlete here at Lucky Gi!  He had the first ever signature BJJ gi.  To support our boy in action at the worlds this weekend.

We are offering 20% Off All Signature Lucky Gis.

  • Lovato has brought back is original white 550 Gram Gold Weave Gi with the brushed softened inside lining.  This gi was INDESTRUCTIBLE the first time around and now it is back with just a few changes to the embroideries. Click Here For Lovato’s Gi
  • We also have the brand NEW Mike Fowler Lucky Gi.  This is the FLASHIEST Lucky Gi to date.  Emblazed with Mike’s “Never Say Die” slogan and signature Leopard Print inside the jacket the gi is ultra cool. Click Here For Fowler’s Gi
  • There are two brothers known for their brash attitude and killer BJJ skills both on the mat and in the cage.  The Diaz Brothers, Nick & Nate have been sponsored by us since the blue belt days.  Now they have a simple styled signature Lucky Gi that is clean and very cool and comes in both black and white.  Click Here For Diaz White Gi  Click Here For Daiz Black Gi

You can get all three of these signature Lucky Gis on sale this weekend only for 20% Off. 

Just Enter The Code “20OFFLG” on the Payment Information page at check out and your discount will automatically be applied.

We never discount Lucky Gis but this is such a big weekend for Lovato we are so excited we had to do something crazy!

Actually we left someone out!  My boy Jeff Glover!  Jeff has a new Lucky Gi coming out soon.  But since we don’t have his gi to put on sale we are going to give you his NEW Digital DVD “Welcome To The Jungle”  for FREE with any gi purchase!   

You got it!  As a FREE BONUS!  Get an instant access link to a free digital download copy of Jeff Glover’s NEW DVD!  $39.99 Value.

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New Mike Fowler Signature Lucky Gi

Today Only FREE WORLD WIDE SHIPPING on the New Mike Fowler Signature Lucky Gi!

Mike Fowler Signature Lucky Gi

Mike Fowler Signature Lucky Gi

The Free Shipping Offer Ends Tonight At 12:00 Am PST. Don’t email us tomorrow asking if we can still do this offer.

– 550 Gram Brushed Micro Pearl Weave Blended Top

– Heavy Weight UVA Foam Collar

– 12oz Bull Denim Pants

– 12oz Oval Knee Pads

– Pre Shrunk High Quality Cotton

– Embroider & Woven Tag Logos

– Printed LG Cheata Print Inside

– 2 Draw Strings (Nylon Cord and Cotton Cloth)

– Travel Gi Bag

Theses gis are made of 100% preshrunk cotton.

Lucky Gi 1 year warranty.


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White Bamboo Gis Start Shipping Tomorrow!

The White Bamboo BJJ Gis Are Starting Shipping Tomorrow! we finally have them being deliver tomorrow morning.LG-white-back

We will start shipping as soon as we get them. We will be staring with the first people that ordered being shipped out first. It could take us a couple of days to get all the gis packed up and shipped out but we will not sleep till they are done.

But we will take a break to train once a day.  Quickly.

Expect an email in the next day or so with your tracking information.



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New Lucky Gi Compression Shorts

New Rude Boy & 2 Face Lucky Gi Compression Shorts On Sale Now!

Lucky Gi BJJ Compression Shorts

Lucky Gi BJJ Compression Shorts

Based off our super popular BJJ Rash Guards, Rude Boy and 2 Face, these new compression shorts are double layered lycra with elastic waist band with inner draw string.  The shorts are full sublimated and will never fade or peal. These shorts have a longer legs and feature a third crotch panel allowing space for a cup or groin protector.

We only did a small run of these shorts to start out to see how they will do so get them when you can. Available here.

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Lucky Gi Shipment Update

Some Good News & Some not so Good News.

I sent an email out of our shopping cart but I don’t think most people go it, because I am still getting a lot of emails asking about when the gis will be shipped.

I’ll do my best to get back to you all today. The last few days I have been packing up gis to ship out.

The blue Cali Edition Lucky Gis are in stock and all Pre Orders have been shipped.
They came in early! The first time ever we have gotten gis in early. You will be getting a tracking # email today from us. It was a mad rush to get them all out yesterday so I didn’t have time to email them out yet. That is the good news.

You can purchase a blue Cali Edition Lucky Gi here.

The bad news is, the new white Fleur Bamboo Gis have been delayed. We were under the impression the white gis would be shipped long before the blue gis. However something woven labels for the gis has held them up. Making of these new style bamboo gis is a lot of work and requires using new techniques and also some new sources. This has slowed things down more than expected. Sorry for the delay.

At this time I do not have a ship date on the gis. As soon as we know anything I will let send out another email.

You can sell Pre Buy the white Fleur Bamboo Gis but there are only approximately 28 of the gis left. Get yours here.

Any questions please let us know.

Thank you,


PS. New Rafael Lovato Jr gis are coming soon!

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