New Lucky Gis Are On Pre Sale Now! with Free World Wide Shipping!

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Thank you to all the Lucky Gis Fans out there that go us to 1000 Likes in just a few days! To reward our great fans we are offering Free World Wide Shipping on the first 111 Gis ordered!

Now the new Lucky Gis are on Pre Sale all 5 New Models. The Gis are being shipped in two shipments. The first to arrive will be the new White Fleur-De-Lis Lucky Gi then followed by the other four models.

Click Here to Pre Order the new Lucky Gis Now.

Free World Wide Shipping!

My goal is to get these gi out around the world. I want everyone to feel this great new fabric. In the past it has been hard internationally to get Lucky Gis.  So to make it easier for the whole world.  I am doing my “Around The World Free Shipping Sale!”  The first 111 Gis that sell pre bought will get free shipping anywhere in the world.

Click Here to pick one of four new styles of lucky gis.  The first shipment of gis ships May 30th and will take about 3 weeks to arrive. The second set of gis ships on June 15th and will take about 3 weeks to arrive.

Remember first 111 Lucy Gis ship world wide with with free shipping.

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