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Lucky Gi BJJ Gi Size Chart

Lucky Gi Adds Six New Sizes!

Here at Lucky Gi we know that one size never fits all.  And, we know that no two body types are the same.  So we have extended our sizing with Six New Sizes!

We want to make sure you get the gi that fits you best so we are giving you more options than ever before.

We have added two new top sizes an A2H and A3H both sizes with a 2 inch wider body. In the past Lucky Gis tailored fit was geared more towards the slim fit. Now we have the same tailored sport cut but added more room for bigger body types.

We have also added four new pants sizes. A1L, A2L, A3L and A4S.  A1L-A3L are a longer pant option for taller long legged BJJ Players.  And, the new A4S is a shorter pant length for stockier BJJ Player with thicker legs.

Our pants still fit with a low cut less baggy fit.

All new BJJ Gi tops and bottoms can now be purchased mix and match at No Additional Cost.

Check Out Our New Size Chart Here!

In the past we have had some problems with our light weight pants ripping!  To make up for that we are giving away a free pair of pants with every gi purchase.** Limited to the first 100 Gis.*

We are also offering One Penny World Wide Shipping For The Next 3 Days On All BJJ Gis!

Last But Not Least We Have New Stickers & Every Order Gets a Free 5 Sticker Package!

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* Limit while supplies last.
** Free gi pants applies to new Daiz Brothers Lucky Gis only.
*** Not valid with any other offers.

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