Now In Stock! Diaz Brothers Lucky Gis

The New Diaz Brothers Lucky Gis Are Now Shipping!

Nick Diaz in Lucky Gi Diaz Brothers Model.

Nick & Nate Diaz are Epic legends first in Brazilian Jiu Jitsu and also in Mixed Martial Arts.  And, now have their own model Lucky Gi.

The newest Lucky Gis are Pearl Weave cotton top and Bell Denim cotton pants. Same great lean fit as all Lucky Gi tops. Tripple Gusseted Low Cut pants with our signature Oval Kneed Pads as always. Trick logos with Hidden Features and Contrast Inside LG Print.

 Limited edition. 

Click here to buy your limited edition Diaz Brothers Lucky Gi. 

PS:  No These new gis are not hemp but thank you for the suggestion!  We will have a new Hemp Lucky Gi out soon!

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