- As Cool As Crockett's Ferrari

- As Stylish as His Suits

- and More Comfortable & Breathable Than Any Gi On The Market!

scott nelson

Back in the 90’s when I started my career in the BJJ industry gis came in two styles, white and blue.

Most of them hardly had logos on them let alone any style. Back then we had to wait for a visiting Brazilian to bring us gis to buy or get some ratty Judo gi that didn’t fit to train in.

It was hard to even find a gi made for BJJ and even harder to find one that didn’t just fall apart.

I’m glad that the Gi industry has totally changed and I’m proud to be a part of the new era of BJJ Gis. Some may even say the pioneer.

I don’t know if that’s true but I can say that I have been blessed to live an amazing BJJ lifestyle. My life is basically training and making high quality products to keep my fellow BJJ Players on the mat and looking good.

And, I owe it all to you. So thank you.

This Time, I Wanted To Change Up Everything!

Back To My 1980's Roots!

I'm a product of the 80's, grew up back then. Things were crazy then in my life. I moved around a lot and went to four high schools in four years before I graduated. It was rough being the new kid. Got picked on a lot and even got in a few fights at school.

Back then I did some Judo. None of my schools had wrestling so I played lacrosse. Wish I had Jiu Jitsu in my life back then. Because if I did I would have been a lot happier....

We all know that Jiu Jitsu makes it easier to make friends and the bond we develop from training on the mat together is like no other sport I have been involved with.

So I can guarantee you will be more than happy when you get your hands on one of the limited edition Bamboo blend Miami Vice Lucky Gis.

I spent over five years flying to China to develop our exclusive Bamboo Blend Micro Pearl Weave Fabric.

It is the best BJJ Gi fabric on the market.

Bamboo feels like a perfect glove on your body, it contours to your body without feeling stuffy (meaning it breathes well when you are grinding it out on the mat).

The Miami Vice Gi doesn’t shrink, it also doesn’t stink because of natural anti-microbial properties of the bamboo blend fabric.

The Miami Vice dries quickly so you can focus on training and not on excessive laundry.

Instructors like Rafael Lovato Jr. and Garry Tonon tell me they love the Bamboo Blend because they can use the gi for multiple teaching sessions a day without their gis being smelly or wet.

Jeff Glover loves it the MOST! Because he doesn't have to spend as much time washing and drying his gis.

In a couple of ways these gis give you an unfair advantage at tournaments.

The UVA foam collar is light weight and the vertical stiffness makes it harder to choke around the neck and easier to break your opponents grip.

Oh, and YES this Gi is 100% IBJJF Legal.

Please be sure to send me your pic when you make the podium in 2016!

Your Miami Vice Lucky Gi Pants are pretty special. They are 10oz bull denim bamboo blend. Tough as nails and soft as butter. The fabric is exclusive to us, no other brand has it.. Please be sure to send me your pic when you make the podium in 2016!

The pants also have a triple gusset crotch, which allows for full range of movement in your guard. Heck, you can do a full split without any binding. Not to mention the re-enforced drawstring belt loops that will not tear off.

The Gi is decorated with embroidered art work and woven labels - all class. Our factory uses the best German embroidering machines.

It comes with a cloth carrying bag for your gi that will make heads turn at the academy. My girlfriend stole mine and she now she uses it everyday to go to the gym since she got so many compliments.

Check out the Miami Vice Lucky Gi images below.

They really do not do the 80's style colors justice. In person the colors really pop off the gi and look amazing. When you get your new Lucky Gi Miami Vice Edition know that you are one of the every few to own this model.Less than 150 were made and about 30 of them have already been swooped up by our sponsored fighters.So that means most likely you will be the only person at your academy with one of these styling new Miami Vice Lucky Gis!Grab yours fast because these are going to go quick!

Happy Holidays


PS. I am doing FREE Shipping for the first 100 lucky people in the USA Only! Discounted half price international shipping.

550 Micro Pearl Weave with Bamboo Blend Fabric
 Inside Tag
Embroidered Art Work
Miami Style!
So 80's
Pants 10oz Bull Denim Bamboo Blend.
 Travel Bag

Exclusive Bamboo Blend Fabric

Doesn't Shrink!

Our exclusive Bamboo Blend fabric only shrinks 3-5% compared to the 10-13% shirk rate of a standard cotton gi. This means a longer lasting better fitting gi for you.

Doesn't Stink!

Bamboo is a naturally Anti-Microbial fabric that does not smell even after a hard sweaty roll. Never stress about your training partners talking about how bad you smell.

Fast Drying!

Our Bamboo Blend fabric is naturally self-wicking, which means the gi is always trying to dry it’s self. Less time in the dryer means the gi last longer.

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Any questions on your size just give me a call @ (714) 989-6026

Lucky Gis tend to fit more long and lean the most other gis. Our pant "L" Size Pants are 2" longer than the standard sizes. The "H" Size Tops are 2" broader in the chest but still have a tapered sport cut fit.

size chart


If you are not 100% satisfied with your Miami Vice Bamboo Blend Lucky Gi. Just let me know and I will refund your money no questions asked.