Lucky Gi Shipment Update

Some Good News & Some not so Good News.

I sent an email out of our shopping cart but I don’t think most people go it, because I am still getting a lot of emails asking about when the gis will be shipped.

I’ll do my best to get back to you all today. The last few days I have been packing up gis to ship out.

The blue Cali Edition Lucky Gis are in stock and all Pre Orders have been shipped.
They came in early! The first time ever we have gotten gis in early. You will be getting a tracking # email today from us. It was a mad rush to get them all out yesterday so I didn’t have time to email them out yet. That is the good news.

You can purchase a blue Cali Edition Lucky Gi here.

The bad news is, the new white Fleur Bamboo Gis have been delayed. We were under the impression the white gis would be shipped long before the blue gis. However something woven labels for the gis has held them up. Making of these new style bamboo gis is a lot of work and requires using new techniques and also some new sources. This has slowed things down more than expected. Sorry for the delay.

At this time I do not have a ship date on the gis. As soon as we know anything I will let send out another email.

You can sell Pre Buy the white Fleur Bamboo Gis but there are only approximately 28 of the gis left. Get yours here.

Any questions please let us know.

Thank you,


PS. New Rafael Lovato Jr gis are coming soon!

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