Replacement Pants Shipped To Everyone.

Bamboo Lucky Gi Pants

Unfortunately recently we had some problems with the gi pants on the bamboo Lucky Gis.

We tried to revolutionize the gi market yet again with a new bamboo fabric pant that was lighter and stronger than any other pant on the market.  And, well it didn’t work. During months of training and testing with the sample pants none of the pants tore. However in production some of the pants did tear. This was very frustrating for us and we hate to disappoint our clients.

We know as clients of Lucky Gi you do expect the latest and greatest in Jiu Jitsu kimonos. And, you also expect the best quality. We know this time we didn’t deliver. To make up for it we have shipped every client who bought a bamboo gi a free pair of replacement pants to go with your high quality top.

Yes, we even shipped all the international clients free Lucky Gi pants too.

We want you to know we stand 100% behind our products and that is why we replace every single pair of pants whether they tore or not. If your pants did not tear then consider these a back up.

We hate that you might not have been able to train in you new Lucky Gi. The new pants included are made in 10oz cotton bull denim that has proven to be very durable and long lasting.

If you have any questions or do not get your Lucky Gi pants in the next few weeks please feel free to contact us.

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