Lucky Gi New Account Application Page 3


1. All sales are subject to the terms and conditions set forth in Lucky Gi’s standard order form, as the same may be changed from time to time, except only to the extent inconsistent with these policies.

2. Payment terms will be established upon new account approval. All payments are to be sent to Lucky Gi, 5402 Commercial Drive Huntington Beach, CA 92649 – Unless Lucky Gi advises otherwise in writing, a charge of $20 will be applied to returned checks.

3. All orders are subject to credit approval by Lucky Gi regardless of any prior credit approval.

4. Title passes to customer at our dock. Shipper’s responsibility is limited to proof of delivery to carrier.

5. All claims must be in writing within 5 days of receipt of goods. We will issue credit only when discrepancies are supported by documentation, which verifies such claims.

6. All orders are final once approved. No cancellations will be accepted.

7. Discounts and/or anticipation are not allowed.

8. Lucky Gi reserves the right to back order/split ship on a purchase order if necessary.

9. Lucky Gi requires a minimum 30 day shipping window based on start ship and cancel ship dates. Lucky Gi does not recognize “received by” and/or “in house by” dates.

10. Lucky Gi will not participate in the practice of accepting chargeback’s for handling, administrative fees, penalties for ‘PO violations”, and/or “shipping errors’.

11. Lucky Gi cannot take returns for any reason without written consent. Supporting documentation must accompany claims for style, color, size, and/or overages. Upon approval a return authorization (RA label) will be provided.

12. Merchandise received and not authorized will be refused and returned at the customer’s expense.

13. Retailer may not purchase Lucky Gi products other than from Lucky Gi.

14. Unless previously agreed by Lucky Gi in writing, the retailer may not dispose of any goods acquired from Lucky Gi other than by way of retail sale to public, in the normal course of business. Retailer specifically acknowledges and agrees that trade practices known commonly as “diverting”, “transshipping”, and/or “parallel import/export” are prohibited.

15. Lucky Gi goods can be placed in authorized locations at the retailer’s stores only. Dealers placing Lucky Gi goods in unauthorized locations may result in loss of dealership. All new locations must be approved by Lucky Gi management.

16. The use of the Lucky Gi brand name and/or any logos or other trademarks of Lucky Gi is prohibited without Lucky Gi’s prior written consent.

17. Lucky Gi considers website and catalog sales as separate business and a separate form of distribution.

18. Any online or other E-Commerce sales or marketing of Lucky Gi goods or use of Lucky Gi’s brand name, logos, and/or other Trademarks requires separate approval by Lucky Gi of a retailer as an approved online retailer, and compliance with Lucky Gi’ Internet and E-Commerce policies and procedures for online retailers.

19. Any advertising of Lucky Gi products in any form must be pre-approved by Lucky Gi in writing.

20. Lucky Gi does not participate in co-op advertising.

21. Lucky Gi reserves the right to terminate a retailer at any time, in its sole and absolute discretion. Loss of a Lucky Gi dealership may also occur if the account does not Pre-order all Gi Styles each year. Lucky Gi requires a minimum order of $3,000. USD per year. Wholesale Pricing Policy

Lucky Gi’s policy is not to do business with any retailer who does not price Lucky Gi products in accordance with Lucky Gi’s suggested retail pricing structure. Which is subject to change at any time and from time to time in Lucky Gi’s sole and absolute discretion.


Thank you in advance for your understanding, cooperation and support of the Lucky Gi brand. Please contact your sales representative, at, if you should require any additional information from Lucky Gi.

All applications for approval as a Lucky Gi authorized retailer must be filled out by an owner/principal of company.