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Dear Lucky Gi Retailer,

With the ever-increasing interest from our retail partners for marketing and e-commerce on the Internet Lucky Gis has developed a “internet and e-commerce policies and procedures” forms for all interested retailers. We appreciate your interest of the Lucky Gis brand and the consideration of involving Lucky Gi in your own marketing and/or e-commerce sales.

Lucky Gis requires any potential or current Lucky Gi account interested in selling or marketing of Lucky Gi Product over the internet or any other electronic commerce medium to first submit form below as a request to be reviewed and considered. Lucky Gis places a high value on the image and branding of Lucky Gis and is very protective of the portrayal of the brand in the market place. For this reason we are cautious and adhere to strict guidelines regarding the placement of Lucky Gis product, logos and other trademarks, how they are displayed, with what other brands they are surrounded by or in proximity to or are being sold within the marketplace, and the use of brand and product. Lucky Gis will only allow a select number of Online Retailers who meet Lucky Gi’s standards to sell Lucky Gi product online.

We thank you for your interest in using Lucky Gi for your Internet Marketing and/or e-commerce.
We look forward to reviewing your request.

Lucky Gis
5402 Commercial Drive
Huntington Beach, CA 92649


1. All Lucky Gi retailer requests for Internet and E-Commerce sales and marketing of any Lucky Gi products or using any of Lucky Gi’s trademarks, trade names, logos or other intellectual property (“E-Commerce”) must be submitted in writing (email) to Lucky Gi’s online salesperson. This applies to all Lucky Gi brands, including but not limited to Lucky Gi, and all other divisions and labels of Lucky Gi Corp.

2. Lucky Gi requires general access to all sales information related to the sale of Lucky Gi products by retailer, including in store and online. Such information must include style no., date of sale, size, color, item price and method of payment.

3. Lucky Gi reserves the right to review, approve, and monitor all Online Retailer sales and marketing websites to insure that all approved Lucky Gi online retailers are complying with the standards that Lucky Gi has established on image and the marketing and distribution strategies of the Lucky Gi brands.

4. Not all Lucky Gi retailers will be approved for E-Commerce. Each request from a retailer will be reviewed independently. Lucky Gi has sole discretion whether to approve any retailer for E-commerce.

5. Lucky Gi prohibits the use of E-commerce by its retailers for clearing old (more than two seasons prior to the current season) or excess inventory. All Products sold online must be priced in accordance with Lucky Gi’s MSRP. NO ONLINE DISCOUNTING.

6. Lucky Gi reserves the right to approve of or to disapprove of all or any Lucky Gi products or styles for E-commerce.

7. Lucky Gi reserves the right to withdraw any of its brands or products from E-commerce at any time, without notice.

8. Lucky Gi requires its E-Commerce retailers to make full disclosure to Lucky Gi of all brands offered for sale through Ecommerce as well as all brands available within the existing account. In addition, we require full disclosure of brands not allowed or available through their E-commerce websites.

9. Upon approval as authorized Lucky Gi Online Retailer, Lucky Gi will assist the account with the visual use of logos, marketing tools and images.

10. All approved Lucky Gi Online Retailers must establish a link to the Lucky Gi website at, subject to prior approval by Lucky Gi. All requests should be submitted in writing (email) to Lucky Gi for approval. Any use of the Lucky Gi website must be for a legitimate business purpose. No viruses, advertisements, cookies, spam, spyware, tracking software or software designed or intended in any manner to interfere with, destroy or affect the functionality of the Lucky Gi website or any computer or network connected thereto may be uploaded, installed or transmitted to Lucky Gi’s website.

12. Lucky Gi requires that all approved Lucky Gi Online Retailers must comply with all applicable laws and regulations regarding electronic commerce and electronic data transmission, including but not limited to those regarding intellectual property, consumer private information and access by children.

13. All sales of Lucky Gi products shall be in accordance with Lucky Gi’s standard terms and conditions, as set forth in Lucky Gi’s sales order form, as the same may be changed from time to time.

14. Lucky Gi reserves the right to terminate the authorization of any retailer to sell or market any Lucky Gi products or to use any Lucky Gi logo or other trademark at any time and to discontinue offering products for sale online through retailers.


Thank you in advance for your understanding, cooperation and support of the Lucky Gi brand. Please contact your sales representative or Lucky Gi Online Sales, at, if you should require any additional information from Lucky Gi.

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All applications for approval as a Lucky Gi authorized online retailer must be filled out by an owner/principal of company.