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Lucky Gi is looking for 1000 Likes on our Facebook.

Once we get to a 1000 we are going to release pics of the new gis.  Starting with the Fleur de Lis Lucky Gi, The Lovato Signature Model, and The Rude Boy!  All three gis will feature brand new technology in Brazilian Jiu Jitsu gis.

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Imagine the perfect Brazilian Jiu Jitsu gi, one that is stronger, softer, extra lightweight, and with a 1 year warranty. How about one that keeps you warmer in the winter and cooler in the summer, a gi that absorbs sweat and deodorizes at the same time with natural occurring anti-bacterial properties; a gi that keeps you smelling better and in better hygiene? Not only would this gi be good for you and its good for the environment! That’s the new Lucky Gi!

The new Lucky Gis are just weeks away from being ready. The are going to be available on a very limited basis.  We are going to have a special deal just for over seas orders.  A deal that no one has ever done before. Its going to make the Americans jealous its such a good deal.

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