After Just 1 Training Session You Will See Why The Dog Fighter Lucky Gi is The Best Gi You Have Ever Worn.


What's Up,...Scotty Here

Close to 20 years ago a training partner and I fell in love with the art of Brazilian Jiu Jitsu. Not many others had even a clue what it was at that time. We were lucky because Ralph Gracie was right around the corner from us.

We were like any two young guys with a dream. We wanted to start a BJJ/MMA brand and make it big. Heck, looking back, I'd say we were two of less than a handful with that dream during that time period. To many it was not even possible to fathom.

But there was a difference between us and the hundreds of other brands that have since come and gone over the past 20 years. The difference was that we would never give up.

What Made That Difference

Have you ever wondered, as I have, what it takes to become a successful Gi company? The difference lies in each person’s capacity to grow and seek more knowledge when things don’t go as planned. The hardest times have been the best times for learning how to innovate, overcome, and evolve.

We are still here.

And this is why I am writing to you today about the New Lucky Gi. This Gi is the culmination of all of our years of hard work.

A Gi Unlike Any Other

The Gis that we make usually take at least 6-12 months to develop and research before we even begin the manufacturing process. With The Dog Fighter model we focused on 3 areas of development which were most important based on client feedback.

The Dog Fighter Gi will fit perfectly on any Jiu Jitsu practitioner. To be sure we included half sizes and husky sizes (see chart below). Over the years and through our studies we came to the conclusion that the best material for the perfect fit is our custom Bamboo blend, hands down.

So of course we chose a bamboo blend fabric and blended it with a tad of poly in all the right spots to eliminate any stretching. We listened to your feedback so when you put this Gi on you will know it’s the right fit by simply glancing at the sizing chart (below). There is no shrinkage so what you see is exactly what you will get.

Comfort was of course an all important piece of the puzzle.  Again, Bamboo is the Gold Standard in terms of comfort. After our last Bamboo Blend Gi launch I had people sending me message after message telling me that they felt like they could wear this Gi all day long. One high level competitor had even mentioned that when he went to competitions he was more than happy to wear it the entire event. I have had multiple athletes testing this Gi out over the past month, including myself. Let’s just say it’s feels amazing – 100% the best Gi I have ever put on and I will stand by my word.

Bamboo is the answer when it comes to durability. Not one Bamboo Lucky Gi has ever been returned due to a rip in the Gi fabric. In fact, there is not even shrinkage after washing. This surprised many people because the Gi is also extremely light. Let’s just put it this way… If this Gi does not hold up after 365 days then I will happily send you your money back. This is how certain I am of this Gi’s high-quality.

Knowledge Is Power

Over the past 20 or so years I have become one of the most respected and successful Gi makers in the game. This past year I even secured a contract with the UFC gyms thanks to our reputation.

And along the way I have helped 1000s of Jiu Jitsu fighters as well as academy owners achieve their goals.

Like I mentioned above, it took me a long-time to build my Gi company. A lot of companies open and close quickly because it takes a lot of on the job experience to understand how to make quality Gis.

I say this to prove a point.

The Gi world is filled with clutter. I’m sure you see it too. It seems like every day a new brand pops up. Believe it or not, I support this – the growth of our art is important to me. It’s crazy for me to think that about 18 years ago I was one of only a handful of brands making Gis.

Quite frankly it’s forced me to elevate and innovate my game in order to make the best Gis on earth. You see, in this Gi game, in order to last.. You gotta know what you’re doing. And how to do it.

This is exactly why I wanted to separate this Gi from the masses. I went on a 9 month mission to make the “Perfect Gi”.

Sadly, this Gi will be the last Deluxe Lucky Gi we are make for the foreseeable future. So I wanted to make something that would leave a legacy for years to come.

I hope this Gi will provide what you are looking for on your Jiu Jitsu journey. I am proud to say it is enough for me.


There's a ton of reasons I love all my lucky Gi's, but the main one is because when everyone else was playing it safe with their designs, Scotty was playing fast and loose.. Each and every design marks the wearer as a standout and not just another guy on the mat.. Wearing lucky Gi's have also got me on the podium.. And that equates to being cooler than an Eskimos ball bag in the uk​. - Mick Tully

I'm just the girl that washes them but Brent's Lucky Gi is by far the softest!!! - Tonya Eskridge

With all the different BJJ brands out there today, Lucky Gis is still my go-to brand. Finding a gi that fits just right and is equally as comfortable, well manufactured, and nicely designed is very hard, but every Lucky Gi I've worn has had all those things. Very rare to find a gi that hits all the marks right! - Mike Hauben

Lucky Gis are my favorite Gi made they are perfect fit super comfortable. I own the bamboo and the hemp and have been totally impressed and only wear a different gi if one of them isn't clean. I have had numerous different companies gi but Lucky is by far top of the line. I will only bye lucky gi.. - Marvell Banks

See what our fans and sponsored athlete Jeff Glover had to say...


Learn What Makes The Dog Fighter Theme So Special...


The theme behind this Gi is original. The Dog Fighter Gi was named after the WW2 Fighter Pilots. Dog fighting is considered akin to fighting in a phone booth.

The men who flew these planes were considered some of the bravest fighters on earth. Their skill-set required precise timing and maneuvering under life or death stress. They fought at death-defying close range. One small mis-step and it could be over.

With this spirit and fashion-style we made The Dog Fighter Gi. This Gi is a throw back to the warriors who fought during that time period.

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Sizing Chart For Dog Fighter Lucky Gi





4'9" - 5'0"

> 100 LBS


5'0" - 5'4"

< 120 LBS


5'4" - 5'8"

< 155 LBS


5'8" - 5'10"

< 185 LBS


5'8" - 5'10"

< 210 LBS


5'10" - 6'2"

< 220 LBS


5'10" - 6'2"

< 235 LBS


6'0" - 6'4"

< 250 LBS

It's simple. Click below and become one of only 40 to proudly own The Brand New Dog Fighter Lucky Gi!

Here Is Exactly What Makes This Gi Stand Out

This Gi is super light weight. The breathability of The Dog Fighter Gi will make your long training sessions seem easy.

Made from Lucky Gi Micro Pearl Weave Bamboo Fabric. Your Dog Fighter will never tear and stay reliable throughout your hardest training days.

The pants are 10 oz. bamboo denim for the perfect feel. The pant string is also extremely durable, simple to use, and 100% guaranteed.

The Dog Fighter comes with reinforced belt loops and the perfect amount of polyester added to the top fabric to eliminate stretching while staying soft and makes for much quicker drying.

The pants have reinforced oval Knee Pads with reinforced double stitching.

The New Lucky Gi comes with Athletic and Husky Fit options allowing every Jiu Jitsu athlete the perfect fit.

You will also receive a luxuriously designed travel Gi bag matches the specs of the Gi for stylish travel.

The Gi is self-wicking and naturally anti-microbial.

1 Year No Hassle Money Back Warranty

...And so much more.

Still Not Sure? No Worries Our Gi Comes With A


We're ready to prove everything we claim.Purchase this Gi right now, and see for yourself within the next 365 DAYS. If the Gi does not live up to any the claims stated here. I don't want your money, and I'll give back every penny back to you. No hassles and we can part as friends. 100% Money-Back Guaranteed.

*Please be aware there are only 40 of these Gis available. It is a one run only Gi and the Last Lucky Gi that we plan to make for the foreseeable future. On our VIP list we have close to 1500 people who want this Gi so you are now made aware that if this Gi is not here tomorrow do not say we didn't give fair notice.

Thank you.