Bamboo Lucky Gis Back In Stock With New Pants! Free Worldwide Shipping For The First 33 Clients!

This Is Not A Pre-Order. Lucky Gis Are In Stock Now!

Thank you all for being so darn patient with us getting these bamboo Lucky Gis back in stock and for sale again.

As many of you know we introduced the worlds first bamboo Brazilian Jiu Jitsu gi made from a bamboo blend fabric. It is truly the softest and best breathing gi on the market. We did however run in some problems with the pants. Yes, I know the pants again. Some of the light weight pants we made were not the quality you would expect from Lucky Gi so we had to replace them all.

All the gis we have in stock at this time have the new thicker material pants included with the new gis.

You can order the gis online now by clicking here.

What happened to the Blue and Black Fleur de Lis Lucky Gis?

We had some problems with these gi at the factory. The black gis had some problems with the collar material, they are going to be remade soon.  The blue gis the fabric was printed on the wrong side by the printers and this made all the gis worthless.  Since the Lucky Gi True Platinum Weave™ fabric is exclusive to us we have to have it custom woven. It can not just be bought in stock pre made like most gi fabrics. So this takes time but more importantly we have to weave a full roll of fabric about 2500 yards. Since we only make 500 of each of these gis we need to wait till we make the next batch to remake the blue gis. This time printed on the correct side of the fabric.

For now we have 3 of the bamboo style Lucky Gis in stock and ready to ship. This is not a pre orders. All gis will ship next week in time for Christmas.

You can order the Lucky Gis online now by clicking here.

First 33 Clients To Order Gis Get Free Worldwide Shipping!

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