Official Metamoris Walk Out Shirts from Rafael Lovato Jr. & Jeff Glover

You Asked For Them!  So We Are Making Them!  Lucky Gi Official Walk Out Shirts.

Metamoris was a huge success!  Rafael Lovato proved yet again he is the best American competitor to ever train Jiu Jitsu.  He has made history yet again and we have a new Lucky Gi T-Shirt to commemorate it.  The “I Make History.” T-Shirt is on sale now. This is a limited edition T-Shirt.

Our brother from another Mother Jeff Glover fought one of the most technical matches of the night. He didn’t win but he showed his Jiu Jitsu is amazing.  He also for sure had the best walk out shirt ever!  The Jeff Glover Springfield BJJ T-Shirt is also available in limited run.

Order Today!  We are only making these two shirts for a limited time.


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Free Gi Friday Winners From Metamoris!

Week Two Of Free Lucky Gi Friday Is Over And Here Are Our Winners!

First Place is Sean Johnson You Won The Fre Lucky Gi!!!

Second Pace is Aaron Martnez You Won the Lucky Gi Tshirt!!!

Three Way Tie for Third Place each won a sticker pack!!!

Mario Barrio

Jason Lambert

Christopher Stratforn

PM us your details on Facebook to collect your prizes!

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Free Gi Friday Is Back!! Predict The Winners Of Metamoris!

This week we are giving away a Free Lucky Gi to the first person that best guesses the winners of every match at Metamoris. 

Here is what you need to do: 3 Steps

  1. Like Our Facebook Page! No Like No Win!
  2. Guess the winner of each match and if its submission or draw?
  3. If it ends in submission guess which submission the winner used.

The person who guess the most right first wins a Free Lucky Gi.* Winner to be announced Monday morning!

Enter your picks here on our Lucky Gi Facebook Page!

Free Gi limited to Gis that are in stock. International winners pay shipping.

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Its Free Gi Free At Lucky Gi!!!

As I said earlier this week on Facebook, we will be giving some Free Lucky Gis and here is the first contest as promised!!!!!

Ben Smith gets the Free Lucky Gi T-shirt for the contest idea.

<<Contest #1- Photo w/ Scotty @ Master & Seniors Worlds>>

This weekend I will be at the IBJJF Master & Seniors Worlds all day. Come find me at the event. Get your picture with me. Post your picture and Tag Lucky Gi on Facebook.

Picture with the most likes. Wins A Free Lucky Gi.

If you are wearing a Lucky Gi T-Shirt = Plus 10 Likes!

Wear actual Lucky Gi = Plus 15 Likes.

Lucky Gi on the Podium shot = Plus 25 Likes. (I dont have to be in the podium shot with you)

Most Likes on your picture Wins a Free Lucky Gi!

Limit one photo per person. Free Gi limited to Gis that are in stock.

Like Us On Facebook To Get All Our Up Coming Free Gi Friday Deals!

Next weeks Free Gi Friday will be pick the winners of Metamoris so everyone can play!

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One Penny World Wide Shipping*, Free Extra Pair Of Pants, and Free 5 Sticker Pack!

Lucky Gi Adds Six New Sizes!

Here at Lucky Gi we know that one size never fits all.  And, we know that no two body types are the same.  So we have extended our sizing with Six New Sizes!

We want to make sure you get the gi that fits you best so we are giving you more options than ever before.

We have added two new top sizes an A2H and A3H both sizes with a 2 inch wider body. In the past Lucky Gis tailored fit was geared more towards the slim fit. Now we have the same tailored sport cut but added more room for bigger body types.

We have also added four new pants sizes. A1L, A2L, A3L and A4S.  A1L-A3L are a longer pant option for taller long legged BJJ Players.  And, the new A4S is a shorter pant length for stockier BJJ Player with thicker legs.

Our pants still fit with a low cut less baggy fit.

All new BJJ Gi tops and bottoms can now be purchased mix and match at No Additional Cost.

Check Out Our New Size Chart Here!

In the past we have had some problems with our light weight pants ripping!  To make up for that we are giving away a free pair of pants with every gi purchase.** Limited to the first 100 Gis.*

We are also offering One Penny World Wide Shipping For The Next 3 Days On All BJJ Gis!

Last But Not Least We Have New Stickers & Every Order Gets a Free 5 Sticker Package!

Click Here To Shop Online!

* Limit while supplies last.
** Free gi pants applies to new Daiz Brothers Lucky Gis only.
*** Not valid with any other offers.
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Now In Stock! Diaz Brothers Lucky Gis

The New Diaz Brothers Lucky Gis Are Now Shipping!

Nick Diaz in Lucky Gi Diaz Brothers Model.

Nick & Nate Diaz are Epic legends first in Brazilian Jiu Jitsu and also in Mixed Martial Arts.  And, now have their own model Lucky Gi.

The newest Lucky Gis are Pearl Weave cotton top and Bell Denim cotton pants. Same great lean fit as all Lucky Gi tops. Tripple Gusseted Low Cut pants with our signature Oval Kneed Pads as always. Trick logos with Hidden Features and Contrast Inside LG Print.

 Limited edition. 

Click here to buy your limited edition Diaz Brothers Lucky Gi. 

PS:  No These new gis are not hemp but thank you for the suggestion!  We will have a new Hemp Lucky Gi out soon!

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Diaz Brothers signature Lucky Gis: Pre-Order Now!

Diaz Brothers Limited Edition Lucky Gis – Pre-Sale!

Nick and Nate Diaz are two of the world’s most legendary Jiu-Jistu fighters.  They have made their mark on both Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu and the UFC.   As long time sponsored fighters, it was only a matter of time until they got their own signature Lucky Gi.

This gi is designed with the old school style, but with new school construction.  Designed by both Nick and Nate, the gi is very similar to the original Lucky Gis that they loved so much, but with their personal style.

The Diaz Brothers Lucky Gi features:

  • 550 Gram Softened Pearl Weave Top

  • Heavyweight UVA Foam Collar

  • 12 oz. Bull Denim Pants

  • 12 oz. Oval Knee Pads

  • Pre-Shrunk High Quality Cotton

  • Embroider & Woven Tag Logos

  • Inside Print

  • 2 Draw-Strings (Nylon Cord and Cotton Cloth)

  • Travel Gi Bag

Theses gis are made of 100% pre-shrunk cotton. They are covered by the Lucky Gi 1-year warranty. The Diaz Brothers Lucky Gi is based on the same size chart as the Fleur-De-Lis Bamboo Series Lucky Gis. Sizing is very similar, but these cotton gis will shrink about 3-5% more.

Pre Order Here!

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Lucky Gi Heavy Weight Brazilian Jiu Jitsu Gi Belts Back In Stock Now!

This is not your everyday new school flimsy light weight BJJ belt that feels wimpy and falls apart after a while.

  These are old school style Brazilian Jiu Jitsu Gi belts.  Made from 100% Cotton, Woven Labels, Traditional Brazilian Colors. IBJJF Legal. Built to last.

When you put one of these belts on you can just feel the Lucky Gi quality.

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New Lucky Gi Wool Flat Bill Two Tone Snap Back Hats!

The Original Old School Style Hat with full 3D Lucky Gi Embroidered logo! Two New Colors!

This is a traditional 6 panel, flat visor hat. With, fused buckram sewn inseam and a 3 ½” Crown. The Lucky Gi hats have 6 sewn eyelets, 8 rows of stitching on visor, with green under-visor. Plastic adjustable strap matching color of bill.

One size fits all.  Now in stock Lucky Gi Wool Flat Bill Hats!

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Lucky Gi contest “Top 10″ winners announced: Lucky Gis, T-Shirts, Steak Knives, Free Shipping, and IBJJF Pans 2012 Sponsorships!

LOS ANGELES, California — At the beginning of February, Lucky Gi announced its IBJJF Pans 2012 sponsorship Facebook contest, which involved winning Lucky Gis, T-Shirts, Steak Knives, Free Shipping, and Sponsorships for the 2012 Pan Jiu-Jitsu Championship, which takes place from March 29th through April 1st in Irvine, California, USA.

We are pleased that so many people participated in the contest, but like any contest that involves many people from all parts of the globe competing online via online applications, there were a few technical hiccups along the way. Mainly, as our software engineers were tabulating the points recorded by the participants over the span of the 24-day contest, there were unfortunately a few discrepancies in the case where certain users tried to rig the point system by using unmanned or unwomanned Facebook accounts to pile on the points without actually playing by the rules. Luckily, these faux entries have been identified and the true Top 10 have been revealed!

Since we are giving away over $1,500 in prizes, we wanted to make sure to use due diligence on our part before announcing the true winners! So without further ado, here are the Top 10 winners for Lucky Gi’s IBJJF Pans 2012 sponsorship contest!

1st Prize: Mikey Musumeci

2nd Prize: Mario Barrios

3rd Prize: Harrison Kramer

4th Prize: Jason Wharton

5th Prize: Jon Trammell

6th Prize: Chris Lanxon

7th Prize: Marius Varlan

8th Prize: Gustavo Acevedo Jr.

9th Prize: Clarence Chaney

10th Prize: Chris Beverley

If your name is on this list, please e-mail us at to claim your prize!

Lucky Gi - contest

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