Online Wholesale Lucky Gi Application

At this time Lucky Gi is accepting applications for retail resellers.

Due to the limited number of Lucky Gis we have in production we are not accepting applications from schools or gyms. Retail locations only.

You must have a sellers permit and a valid reseller number.

Online forms must be filler out by owner/principal of the company.

Please read all 3 pages of the terms & conditions carefully.

Please fill out the wholesale application completely.

You May Begin Here.

2 Responses to Online Wholesale Lucky Gi Application

  1. John and Jack Bryant says:

    To Whoever this may concern,

    My brother and I have recently qualified to represent Team GB to fight in the up and coming EMAG (European Martial Arts Games) in October. We are both experienced fighters and are junior and intermediate champions for JuJitsu respectively. The disciplines we will be competing in will be sports JuJitsu and MMA. There will be both spectators and participants attending the event from all over Europe and as this is a relevantly new event, it will be an ideal opportunity to showcase your brand. Any sponsorship or equipment you can offer will be greatly appreciated as we have to fund our own equipment and expenses. With my brother still at school and me just starting University it will become very costly especially as next year the World Championships will be held in Geneva.

    Many thanks for taking the time to read this email and I hope to hear from you in the future.


    John and Jack Bryant.

    • admin says:

      Thanks for your message. At this time we are not doing any new sponsorships but we will keep your info on file and let you know what comes up in the future.

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